Friday, March 6, 2009


transcription (n.) -Genetics. the process by which genetic information on a strand of DNA is used to synthesize a strand of complementary RNA.

DNA by itself is useless. It can't do anything unless it transcribes it to RNA, which could then be translated into proteins. The proteins are the ones that do everything, from changing your hair colour to digesting things. I've been thinking for a while how my life is similar to this process. I've grown up in a Christian home for the longest time, know all the stories, know when to stand up to sit down and to bow my head, but none of this really transferred down to my heart. It was all head knowledge. All the emotions, all the so-called experiences I've had, all the passion was false. My life was basically one massive silent mutation (where the amino acids are swapped up but have no overall effect on the protein afterwards =D) None of it got from my head to my heart, and as the saying goes, the greatest distance is between the head and the heart.

I've always struggled with my own identity. I don't watch TV, listen to contemporary music, or know many celebrities. As such, my social life tends to be awkward at times because I have no background knowledge to draw on. The only thing that I thought I had connections with other people was through my so-called faith. My pursuit of my own desires as opposed to what I am truly supposed to be pursuing. It has made me so vain and conceited that I can't hear what God has to say to me, but rather heard what I wanted to hear. I made my own religion and completely ignored my relationship with God.

Coming to Waterloo opened my eyes to what I've been blinded by for so long. Seeing genuine Christians with such a pure passion for God made me reconsider how long I've ignored His voice. It made me realize that everything I thought I knew about Christianity was head knowledge, and that it meant nothing if my heart didn't understand it. I knew about Jesus' great sacrifice for us sinners, but I didn't know that He sacrificed for me in such a personal and intimate way. I saw true disciples of Christ and not wolves in sheep's clothing. It made me thirst and hunger for the Word and it made me want to pursue a deeper understanding of this God that I've confessed to have known for my lifetime.

And God willed it. It was so random and unexpected. After asking some upper years about their passion and how they heard God's whisper throughout hectic times, I was just hit with overflowing love and compassion from God. For the first time in my life, though I've pretended to have felt it before, I felt that "inexpressible and glorious joy". It's not something I can say to somebody and they'll understand it. It's like eating rambutan. You have to truly taste it to know the goodness. At that moment, I felt as if all my chains were broken off and I free of this world and its wicked morals. I felt like I didn't belong to myself anymore, but instead belonged to God and God only. "You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness." (Rom. 6:18)

Now, it's the beginning of the journey. I have a lot to learn, a lot to share, and a lot of seeds to sow. Even though a lot of "church" things are familiar to me, it means nothing if it doesn't go to the heart. It's a new start, a fresh start. I am ready now to devote my life 100% to my Lord Jesus Christ and to give Him all the glory.