Thursday, December 22, 2011

New career option?

So lately, after attending MIXER with the UWCRT folks in Ottawa, I've been considering joining the military to be a medical technician. Not sure what it would be like, things still really uncertain, but for the first time it seems like I have a direction in life. (surprise!) I'm still debating between reserves and full-time but I'm leaning towards full-time. The biggest debate in my mind currently is the issue of family and how I would raise children properly if I'm not going to be around often. In addition, lots of time away from wife/kids (when/if I get married) could mean issues.

Regardless, that is something that will just be dealt with when it arises. The only thing stopping me right now, psychologically speaking, is a high respect for a girl who disagrees with my joining the army. That is the hurdle that needs to be overcome.

Plus, this blog sucks. I need to update more often. Keep saying that but it never happens.