Wednesday, March 31, 2010

how many times...

how many times have we called out to God for "repentance", and then how many times do we fall back into our pattern of sin? how many times do we genuinely believe we are saved from the punishments of sin, but yet are not free from the bondage of sin itself? how many times do we call on God to save us, but turn away from Him once He does. how many times do we ask God to forgive ourselves yet ask God to discipline those who sin against Him? how many times does God offer a way out of temptation and we just ignore it. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE, LIKE DOGS, GO BACK TO OUR OWN VOMIT?

when will we stop being slaves to sin and become slaves to righteousness?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the Gospel

On evangelism. Everything I need to say can be said by this man. If you consider yourself a Christian, spend one hour of your time to watch this.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

suffering pt.2

So again on the thought of suffering, why do we do the things we do? As a North American I feel this is probably one of the hardest place to grow up as a genuine-for-reals-and-for-trues Christian. It's so easy to live in comfort and just do the things we enjoy, or do the things we are used to.

However, that does not necessarily mean that those who are poorer are any more Godly than those who are not. I was talking to byli and he mentioned how there are both righteous rich and righteous poor, and likewise with the unrighteous. What that means is that ultimately what we do with our things does not matter inasmuch as where our hearts are on the issue. For example, if i were to sacrifice all my material possessions for the sake of "just doing it" or "to look good in front of other people", then that is meaningless.

Again, that is not to say that it's alright to flaunt around with excess wealth. It merely becomes more difficult (in my opinion) to remain humble and rely more on God. The money given to us can be a blessing, yes, but it can also be a curse in which you rely on your wealth to pull you through rough times rather than relying completely and utterly on God the Father, who sustains us.

So then, where do you draw the line? Is it okay to possess ridiculous amounts of wealth, or should we continue to be generous (with your heart in the right place, of course) to the point where you only keep enough to live?

blood donation

sup boys and girls
i think blogging isn't so bad anymore. will try to keep it updated whenever i can

anyways, there are blood donor people over at the SLC today, from sometime until 4. drop by and donate some blood!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


When the first deadline to apply came by, I declined the call to take up the role of committee (or at least running for it). However, as of last Wednesday, things have changed. Thanks Derek for sending me the email (despite how late it was :P) which has since made me reconsider applying for committee (to uwccf, for those uninformed).

My original reasons for not applying for committee was because of three reasons. One being my inability to lead when there are, in my opinion, others who are more capable to lead a fellowship. My second reason was regarding my want to do things outside of fellowship: house ministries, homeless ministries, one-on-one caring to name a few. I figured that being on committee would limit my time to do these things, or perhaps limit my "permission", so to speak, to run these things. Reason three was pride. I felt that when or if I applied to committee I would consider myself higher or "more elite" than those who did not apply. Reason rebuttal in next paragraph :P

So. Reason one was easy. It didn't take long for me to realize (once again) that God does not look for perfect people to accomplish His will. He looks for those who are broken, those who are humble, and those who are willing. You don't need to be a super-intense-hardcore-beastmachine Christian to serve. Serving is something that is a privilege given to us and should not reflect on what we are capable or not; if we are called to a certain role, God will provide us the necessary tools to accomplish said role. Second reason. I was talking with an LCCF committee member and he had the same thoughts when it came to this as well. However, he made me realize that being part of committee does not limit what you can do; it only gives you more freedom to do things. I can be on committee and still hang out with froshies, or cook for sick people, or chill with some guys downtown. Committee just adds a bonus, if you will, to what I can or cannot do. Third reason was pride. And to be honest, I'm not over this one yet, and if you are reading this and you sense pride in me at any time of my life (whether committee or not), please just tell me. I would prefer be bashed by a friend than going around being a douchebag. As for pride, I think it would be best to view committee not as some high-up elite service role, but more of a unique place for unique people, just as everyone is called to serve in some capacity. It may be leading worship, or caring ministries, or perhaps talking to janitors after CCF. Whatever it is, each of us have a place to serve and committee is just another one of them.

So, pray for the best. Will update on the comfort post soontimes, just have to get this out before it goes stale in my brains. :) thanks for reading

Thursday, March 11, 2010


wow it's been almost a year since i've last blogged O_O shows how much i love computers hahaha (and/or have the ability to use one) and also, who is stsip? :P

So. I've been thinking for a while on the thought of suffering and discomfort. along with derk's post on TCB (, and going back to deedz in a long times (, I've been caught up with the thought of suffering, discomfort and where it all leads.

My initial reaction was, pardon the passion, disgust and revolt of the North American culture in which we live our lives so comfortably. I don't understand how you can call yourself Christian when you have brothers and sister that are suffering daily, not even necessarily far away. At the same time I'm shocked at the blindness of our culture; even when somebody is suffering we do our best to hide this weakness, as if everything in our lives are perfect all the time. "How are you doing?" "Oh, I'm doing fine." WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! If you're upset with something, or if you're going through rough times, just say it.

Anyways, my post is not on that. My post focuses more on discomfort and being comfortable with it. This thought originates with a lot of older generations, around their 30s and 40s. When I look at my parents, or pastors around that age, I wonder where all the passion went. What they go through in their lives and what they say do not match. "You must give Jesus your everything" ...but at the same time you hoard a ton of unnecessary material possessions. "You should spend time with the homeless and the suffering; those in prison and those who are hungry and sick" ...but all you ever do is sit around with the same small group FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS. "Please pray for my sufferings" ...but you never pray for those who are hurting and you know it.

How is it that these people can say all these things (and I believe that at some point meant something to them) but not live out the life that we are called to? My answer was comfort. Growing up as a teen/young adult means a lot of experimentation, and a lot of new experiences. Once you hit that age, you have a family to care for, a house to pay for, and a bunch of other things to do since "you're an adult now". However, you're living a life of comfort and of complacency, and I freely use those terms interchangeably. And while you *can* do these things, I do not think they are necessary. Why devote so much time to things that are of this earth? When you die, none of these things last. Generations may go by from your influence but ultimately has zero eternal value (unless you've been given the task by God to do such things...shall elaborate later).

I was talking to a sister of mine regarding this and she mentioned how at some point in her life, she had to choose between God or everything else in this world: family, house, education, freedom(s). In the end, when everything is lost and nothing seems to be true anymore, what can you rely on? Can you REALLY say God is your absolute EVERYTHING, and that everything else that comes your way is like a side bonus?

Just a thought. I'll have a follow-up soon (i hope haha). Let me know what you think :)