Friday, September 3, 2010

chapter 3

One chapter that I've recently finished in my life is one of violence. Back in high school, I used to relish in violence and gory bloodshed, and it was to me entertainment. I was known at school for my violent tendencies (although I never really did anything since I'm a rather small person :P)

However, as of late, I realized that I became disgusted at gory things. I would feel sick if I saw, even in movies, things that are plain violent and unnecessary. I still enjoy well-choreographed fight scenes (such as 300, oh man), which I see as more artistic. I like those fight scenes where the guy just flows from one place to another. What I don't like is exposing guts and whatnot. It's weird. I've never really thought that I'd be changed so much, but thinking about it, it's not really me.

Naturally, I'd probably still enjoy those things. I guess it's a result of the renewing of my mind, and turning to what God loves and hating what He hates.