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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

down llooww

poem that i shared at uwccf sharing night, fall 2010. spent the past month or so writing it, mainly hitting stuff i've been learning about this past while, especially on humility. it's intended for a Christian-cultured audience, not necessarily for those outside the church, but at the same time for those who are raised in a 'christian' environment.
and some rhymes might be pretty bad. just warning you now lest you choose to be a grammar nazi. you gotta say it with an accent.

shout out the the chil phan for inspiration :)

down low

a lot of us think we got our lives together
high marks, got a job, and now you dressed in leather
got you running the show like you darth vader,
but it's all kinda pointless if it ain't for the Maker.

so now you a baker and you make lotsa bread
but who is it made fo', yourself or your Dad?
i ain't mad but what i said ain't 'bout your dad on this earth
i'm talking about God, the one who gave you new birth.

if this new birth's for fame, mayne, you got it all wrong
cuz the glory is His', He's been King all along
these songs today are just about making that ice
but i can't, i'm reborn, too busy chasing the Christ.

no more wastin' my life, or putting myself on the throne
so when i see God i won't be defending alone.
Christ paid for my sins and resurrected on high
so while we here to live is Christ and to gain is to die.

but why do you sigh when i cry out the truth?
life ain't 'bout gettin' hitched like boaz and ruth.
now don't me wrong because that ain't a sin
it only becomes one if you put it before Him.

idolatry can come in many shapes; many forms
just cuz you go to church don't mean you've been reborn
and yeah, this committee here might look pretty tight
but that's cuz we're WEAK, that's how God shows us his might

for most of us here it might be school that's the idol
or perhaps it's being lazy, sitting still, being idle.
maybe it's 'bout being king, and your new job title
no homie, please don't assume the LORD's title.

and what's the LORD's title, anyone got a verdict?
no? well He's Holy, Righteous, Creator of All but most of all He's Perfect
so murk it if you think you got all those qualities bro
i can't compete with the Christ, i'm just dirt down below

you see the dirt that i am was at one point lost
blind, 'til God sent His Son to cover the cost
of all my lies, all my pride, all the porn that i've seen
but the blood of Christ paid for 'em just so i could be clean

and it ain't a dream, this ain't starcraft, it ain't just a game
i'll open up my life so y'all can see that i'm lame
it's only in His Name that i'm redeemed from the blame
so mayne we ain't ashamed when we call out His Name

we're the same, look at me, i'm no better than you
we've all fallen short; if anything i'm the foo'
you see, God chooses to use the foo's to shame all the wised
so that no one can boast except in the Christ

let me end off and say that we are because we're not
that we are worth-less, until we are bought
from the grip of death; now i'm snatched up outta hell
so we can bring Him the glory and rep His Name well.

so for all of us in Christ, let us pick up our cross
and deny ourselves daily, count this world as a loss
be obedient to the Word, to every whisper and call
to lead, to love, to serve, because Christ is our ALL.