Sunday, March 31, 2013

Probably time for an update

So. Here's a little to catch y'all up on what's been going on, if anybody even reads this anymore. hahaha

1) Relationships. The biggie. Complex, been talking to an interesting lady that will be unnamed if things don't quite work out (lol). Anyways, seems like she's not ready for a relationship at this point and I'm stuck at a crossroads debating what to do next. Kinda frustrating, but it's happened before. God must be my guide if I'm to get out of this alive.

2) Career. Also another biggie. After a little more than a year of debate, it seems I am still going to apply to the Canadian Forces. Few complications still, but it seems to be the goal at this point. Medical Technician first, perhaps move onto JTF2 in the future, or perhaps as a SarTech later down the road. At this point though, I can't see myself doing anything else. Pumped to apply and join up!

3) Knee injury. The thing preventing me from applying right at this instant is knee surgery. Tore ACL in early November 2012 and still waiting on reconstructive surgery. Rehab is going to be a pain. yeahh....

4) Spiritual stuff. Feeling like I "know enough stuff", spiritually speaking. I have doctrines down for the most part. Living it out actively is the difficult part. Being active in sharing the gospel is always a challenge, especially with the Campus Response Team. There have been times where I've 'successfully' shared the gospel and times where I flat-out fail and give up. I suppose that'll be another challenge when I'm recruited into the army. PURE JOY!

Anyways. This'll be neat to look back on a few years from now. I really hope to keep in touch with some of the folks at UWCRT. I think I've already found my tight friends from fellowship. A handful of solid Christian brothers and sisters who will keep me fighting the good fight. And as long as Christ is the center of that relationship, nobody can take anything away. 

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